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Name: Seth William Graves
LJ: np_sethgraves (Do I create it, or do you?)

Played By/Physical Description: Kevin Sorbo from Andromeda.
Seth is 5'11", with dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears it collarlength to just a bit past that, parted on the left. He wears typical teenager clothing, more Muggle than is usual for a pureblood.

His build is athletic/wiry, with broad shoulders and a healthy omplexion. He sings tenor with a good, clear voice.

Age/Birthdate: February 17, 1990

Gender: Male
Wand: 11-inch rosewood
Blood: Pure
Birthplace/Location: Upleadon, Gloucestershire
Status or Class: Upper-class
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, unless this is decided by the DM.
Pet Name/Species: Mariah, a black greyhound

OWL Scores (For 1-7th Years):
Astronomy: O
Charms: E
Herbology: O
History of Magic: O
Potions: E
Transfiguration: O
Arithmancy: E
Ancient Runes: E

NEWT Scores: (6th, 7th Years and Adults Only. Put N/A if not
Astronomy: N/A
Charms: E
Herbology: O
History of Magic: N/A
Potions: E
Transfiguration: O
Arithmancy: E

10 Words to describe your character: Intelligent, considerate, uncommunicative, athletic, sunny, practical, protective, afraid, focused, self-disciplined

Motivations --
Personality: Strongly motivated by worry about his father, whom he does not talk about much.

Strengths: Both magical and personality:
Because Seth is very focused, he is better at some complex spells than might be expected for his age. He understands the mathematical foundations needed to make them work. He is best at Charms, Arithmancy, Potions, and Defense; slightly less so at Herbology and Transfiguration.

While he can be angsty, he is also practical and tends to have a calm personality, which calms others. He knows what he wants to do with his life and why he wants to do it, and he is focused on that goal.

Seth's career goal is to become an auror. His father would be in complete agreement if he knew; his mother is alarmed at the idea but reluctantly agrees.

Hobby: Plays classical violin. Loves classical and hard rock. Likes to dance, go to parties, ride his broomstick, play football (soccer), and read. Is not much enthused by quidditch but can play.

Weaknesses: Both magical and personality:
He dislikes Transfiguration; it creeps him out; and the only reason he excels in it at all is because his mother would tan his hide if he didn't. He will not be the world's greatest apparator, either.

He mainly slept through Binns' class and got by in it by reading the textbook. Astronomy was torture, because he hated having to be awake that late at night while having to attend classes early as usual, the next day.

He tends not to discuss his problems, and it is like pulling teeth to get him to admit it if something is bothering or upsetting him if he doesn't choose to show it. He's as secretive as a Slytherin about certain things.

Fears/Motivations: He is very afraid for his father. His father is a former Death-Eater who defected and turned himself in to the authorities without plea-bargaining. He is currently serving a term in Azkaban but will be released soon. However, before his incarceration in 1996, he gave the DMLE all the DE information he could, so any Death-Eaters still alive will want to get their hands on him.

As Seth's parents are divorced, he does not want to lose either of them. He is also apprehensive about what his father will be like now, after a decade in Azkaban. Seth worries that it will have broken him.

History: Born in 1990. His parents divorced in 1994. Seth lived with his father for two years after that and then went to live with his mother until he entered Hogwarts.

Significant Relationships:
Family: Parents: Paul and Elizabeth Graves. Uncle Lucas and Aunt Mildred Gregory, and their children Mary-Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Eleanor, and Gabriel, who Seth sees at school.

Seth's mother, Elizabeth, has gone pretty much Muggle and teaches English Literature at the University of Cardiff. Seth's father owned and ran a pharmaceuticals company until his arrest and conviction.

Friends: Optional: Unknown as of yet. Would have dated Luna Lovegood, had she been around.

Special Considerations: Will be skilled at legilimency and occlumency, but is unlikely to learn those skills until after he leaves Hogwarts. His father is quite talented in both, as well as Imperius.


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